Bitter orange has the scientific name Poncirus trifoliata, or Citrus trifoliata, grown popular in Korea and North China. Juveniles are green, ripe, turn to orange oranges, have a bitter taste and possess a characteristic aroma.

In traditional medicine, the fruit is used as a remedy for stomach pain, indigestion and reduces inflammation.

Clinical research shows that bitter orange extract has the ability to reduce melanin, help improve skin tone, through inhibiting tyrosinase and TRF-1 enzyme activity thanks to ingredients containing active ingredients such as poncirin, naringin , bis (2-methylheptyl) phthalate and avenalumic acid methyl ester.

The polyphenols in bitter orange extract provide antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals as well as minimize UV ​​damage, thereby preventing premature aging.

In addition, some studies also show that the extract has anti-inflammatory, good irritation reduction by reducing proinflammatory cytokine expression and inhibiting NF-KB activity in white blood cells.

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