Polygonum caspidatum is also known as Mexican bamboo or Japanese knotweed, growing popular in Asia and North America. The extract contains high content of resveratrol, and other ingredients as physcin, emodin 8-0-b glucoside, b-sitosterol glucosid, polygonin, rheochrysin, polydatin, cuspidatin.

Chinese medicine traditional used in the treatment of respiratory disease, menstruation, dermatitis and blood pressure. In modern medicine, this plant is noted for its high content of resveratrol – a component that brings many health and beauty benefits.

  • Strong antioxidant: many studies prove that resveratrol from root extract has the ability to neutralize harmful free radicals, help fight oxidative stress, effectively prevent premature aging, reduce damage damage due to UV radiation.
  • Improve skin tone: resveratrol in extract has the ability to inhibit tyrosinase enzyme activity, reduce melanin production, help brighten skin.
  • Reduce inflammation: resveratrol from root extract has been shown to reduce kappa B factor (NF-kB) by 25%, thereby reducing proinflammatory cytokin production.
  • Microbiological resistance: the extract is also resistant to microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

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