Kelp Laminaria Digitata, commonly known as Oarweed or Tangleweed, has a brown, hard, shiny surface that attaches to a cliff in the North Atlantic Ocean. Kelp has long been used in Japanese and Chinese remedies, for soothing, healing, and burning effects.

Kelp extract contains high levels of ingredients that bring many benefits in skin beauty such as: polygalactoside, fucose polymer, ursolic acid, vitamins A, C, group B and trace elements, …

  • The polygalactoside combines with iron ions to form a moisturizing complex on the skin, helping to prevent cutaneous water loss and smooth the skin.
  • Fucose polymer is able to draw water from the environment and moisturize directly to the skin, leaving it radiant, plump and glowing.
  • Ursolic acid is essentially a pentacyclic triterpenoid, which is anti-inflammatory and fights oxidative damage to the skin, prevents UV damage and prevents premature aging.

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