Argireline (acetyl hexapeptide-3) is a synthetic peptide used in skincare products to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by repeated muscle movements in areas such as around the eyes and mouth. When performing this action, the face will be frown due to the contraction of subcutaneous facial muscles. Acetyl hexapeptide-8 inhibits the nerves that cause facial muscles to contract, subtle facial expressions are limited and wrinkles are subsequently reduced.

This compound is generally regconized as safe but should be started with low dose due to the possibilities of immobilized facial muscle appearance if wrongly used. When using a product with peptides, patients should be monitored carefully because these compounds can affect neurotransmittion.

Sensitive skins can become irritated, red and dry at the treatment area, so that these products are contraindicated with sensitive or photosensitive skin. If the hypersensitivity reactions occur intensely, discontinue using and consult a doctor or specialist.

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