Allantoin, a natural ingredient derived from the Comfrey tree, discovered in 1912, has gained popularity in recent years thanks to its impact on improving skin structure, function, and safety. loaded well.

  • Reducing scars, restoring damaged skin

Allantoin is a useful solution for acne scars. Research shows that allantoin enhances the natural defenses, helps to heal skin damage by promoting cell regeneration, reducing and balancing the skin color of scars.

  • Moisturize, smooth skin

Allantoin is an effective ingredient in moisturizing and smoothing the skin, especially for sensitive, irritable skin, thanks to its high safety and ability to moisturize-regenerate new skin cells. Allantoin provides the necessary amount of moisture to the skin, helps the skin to be healthy, combines the promotion of the production of new healthy cells, creating smooth and evenly glowing skin.

  • Reduces irritation, redness of the skin

Allantoin can be considered as a suitable choice for sensitive skin and combined to reduce irritation for common ingredients, thanks to its ability to provide water, soothes the skin very well.

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